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To Dr. Larycia Hawkins, With Solidarity & Love

Source: To Dr. Larycia Hawkins, With Solidarity & Love

Christian College Student Attacked With Apple for Questioning Treatment of Gays

As a “Wheatie,” I urge us to make no mistake about the fact that it is the culture and theology of conservative white evangelicalism which breeds the type of hatred spewed by the Wheaton College student who attacked another student just for being an ally, and who later labeled the victim as an “enemy.”

This type of bigotry and hatred is part of the fabric of Wheaton College and white evangelicalism, but it doesn’t always manifest as overtly as it did on the day of the apple throwing incident.

Sometimes it’s manifested through smaller slights and indignities.

HOWEVER, other times it’s manifested through deadly violence.

Other times, and this has happened at Wheaton College, it drives tortured souls to commit suicide.

This is not just about one bigoted kid who physically assaulted another kid. This is a systemic issue that requires radical structural changes to the institution. If Wheaton does not make structural changes to affirm the humanity of LGBT students, then ‪#‎ShutItDown‬. ‪#‎MyWheaton‬

Darren Wilson’s radio calls do not support a claim of self-defense

This is a concise and logical analysis/interpretation of the facts in the case involving the fatal shooting of unarmed black man, Mike Brown, by a white police officer, Darren Wilson.

Frederick Leatherman Law Blog

Monday, November 17, 2014

Good morning:

Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department shot and killed an unarmed Michael Brown on August 9, 2014 sometime between 12:02 pm, when he told dispatch, “Put me on Canfield with two. [an apparent reference to stopping Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson] And send me another car,” and 12:03 pm when someone posted a tweet about the shooting.

His radio calls do not support his claim of self-defense.

According to a timeline in the St.Louis Dispatch,

11:53 am

Police dispatcher reports a “stealing in progress” at the Ferguson Market.

11:53:19 am

Dispatcher reports that the suspect stole a box of Swisher cigars and describes him as a black male wearing a white T-shirt running toward QuikTrip.

11:57 pm

The dispatcher reports that the suspect is wearing a red Cardinals hat, a white T-shirt, yellow socks and khaki shorts, and is accompanied by…

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#MayorHodgesForPresident2016 “Second, and more significantly, I am undaunted in my commitment to making sure that police–community relationships are as strong as they can be. I am undaunted in my desire to support and develop police officers who serve respectfully and collaboratively every day to keep people safe and make all our neighborhoods stronger. I am undaunted in my plans to increase accountability for consistent bad actors in the police department.

Let me be clear on this final point. There is a critical difference between our good officers who have a bad day on the job, and officers, however few, who have a standing habit of mistreatment and poor judgment when relating to the public, particularly people of color. I am as concerned with the negative effects of this conduct on the police department as a whole as I am with its effects on our community. I am convinced that we can change it, even if it takes years.

If the fourth option is correct, my commitment to this work means that the head of the police union or other detractors will pitch more stories that attempt to defame that work and its leaders to various media outlets. So be it. I know the charge that I have been given by the people of Minneapolis and by my own conscience. I will continue to follow that charge.”

Mayor Betsy Hodges

A few days before the November 4th election, I took a photo with an organizer while doorknocking to get the vote out. In that photo, the organizer and I pointed at one another (after, it has often been remarked, an awkward moment of set-up). A local news station ran a story that the pointing of our fingers constituted gang signs, that the photo undermined the morale of the officers in the Minneapolis Police Department, and that participating in the photo constituted poor judgment on my part. The head of the Minneapolis Police Federation — the union that represents Minneapolis police officers — made a comment publicly to that effect. He said, “She should know better” and asked, “Is she on the side of the cops or the gangs?”

As one of the two people pointing in the photo, I’ve tried to understand what the head of the police union…

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Where are the Christians Now?

#MustWatch Praying for Conservative Evangelical Christians. Don’t get#LeftBehind #TheMovement “You’re so loud when it comes to personal sexuality, but you’re so quite when it comes to Social Injustice!” Where are you now? A plea from Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II #PharisaicalHypocrisy#GodSaveTheChristians

When the n-word appears on the forum wall

How Christians Might Talk About Race

Tattered Rose

(Published in Wheaton College‘s school newspaper, The Record, during the Spring 2012 semester)

forum wall ntalk

This Fall, the Forum Wall served as a venue for incredibly varied attitudes about the issue of race. Posters, letters, drawings, and a vast array of comments responded to student-led initiatives which attempted to promote racial harmony and reconciliation. The culmination of this discussion was the phrase: “This is Nigger talk.” Those four words were explicitly, and anonymously, scribbled on a letter posted on Wheaton College’s own forum wall. While most members of our community do not espouse the overt racism embodied in this phrase, we still tend to avoid engaging in thoughtful, constructive conversations about racism and prejudice. This aversion to race conversations may be a result of the way the conversation is initially presented. I would like to challenge us to go further and examine the way the race conversation is…

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