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Faith in Ferguson #FightBack365

For more info visit www.fergusonaction.com OR text "Hands Up" to 90975

For more info visit www.fergusonaction.com OR text “Hands Up” to 90975


Global Solidarity Actions with Faith in Ferguson #FightBack365

With the one year anniversary of the murder of Michael Brown and the flashpoint of the Ferguson Rebellion fast approaching, the Ferguson Action Council has been working hard issuing a national call for faith solidarity and participation in events and actions occurring August 7th-10.

In St. Louis/Ferguson there will be a variety of disruptions, marches, concerts, acts of civil disobedience, and panel discussions to reflect upon where the Movement is this year, and where we are going.

The actions will include a Moral Monday action on August 10th, with a special call for clergy and religious leaders to come to St. Louis. **Coming to St. Louis/Ferguson means you need to be prepared to be arrested, because of the arbitrary nature of policing combined with the tendency of police to overreact at predominantly Black-led protests.

If you cannot come to St. Louis/Ferguson, Faith in Ferguson is calling on clergy and religious leaders, in particular, to participate in actions, events, and services with your faith communities, to support local Black Lives Matters chapters and others who have been doing the work of organizing against anti-Black state violence.


August 7th, 2015 to August 10th, 2015


August 9th marks the 365th day of continuous resistance by the People in the streets of Ferguson. The Ferguson Movement is a multi-gendered, multiracial Movement for Black Lives being led by poor and working class, Black, mostly women, both in the streets and in the public intellectual discourse.


Submit your faith solidarity action by clicking HERE and filling out the form. Events in Ferguson will not be publicized until the week of actions. All faith solidarity actions, events, services, etc., will be publicized and shared widely.