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The “Dream” Act!

F@*# The “Dream” Act! as it is currently written.

Let me start by saying that my goal is not to lambast the efforts of Civil Rights activists who are working for, and are, The People. Indeed, I commend their efforts, but I question whether this piece of legislation accurately reflects the desires of the People. It may reflect some of our desires, but I doubt that Civil Rights activists were the ones who came up with the idea of a military option. I doubt that undocumented immigrants really want to be forced to choose between being deported and serving in the military. Thus, I believe that criticizing a bill, which is more a product of the Democratic and Republican parties, is not the same as criticizing the People.

Real #immigration #reform would include the RIGHT to stay HOME in an unexploited homeland. For undocumented immigrants that want to stay here, sure, they have that right.

But most only came here because of the poverty that was created by Western Corporations and Governments that devastated their homelands, that overthrew democratically elected governments and installed “puppet democracies.”

Most come here to survive the devastation back home created by this country’s neo-liberal foreign trade policies and economics.

U.S. trade agreements (NAFTA) continue to have devastating economic effects on these countries, by overwhelming these nations with products, like cheap corn from the U.S., that devastate their local economies, forcing people to either flee or starve.

Many want to work, save money, and go back to their families in their homeland.

If you don’t believe that only desparate  people come to the U.S. as undocumented immigrants, then please explain what would compel millions of people to literally risk life and limb, to traverse treacherous terrain, with their children even, just to arrive in a foreign land that hates them and relegates them to the status of second class citizenship? (The…FBI reports…a nationwide 40% rise in anti-Latino hate crime violence between 2003 and 2007, a period marked by ugly rhetoric from hundreds of nativist groups and politicians.)

Does this sound like people who have it good back home?

BUT, the “DREAM” ACT will funnel our low-income sisters and brothers right into America’s imperialist army.

THINK ABOUT IT: With so few colleges and universities giving financial aid to undocumented immigrants and with most undocumented children receiving unequal access to quality education, the most likely option for them is to fight and kill (and die) for this imperialist nation.

Dr. King’s words ring true today: The U.S. government is “the greatest conveyor of violence in the world.”


Mi Gente! We should not support any legislation that will exploit our sisters and brothers this way. If the DREAM ACT shall ever pass, we must demand the removal of the military option. We must demand corporations pay reparations for US intervention in Latin America!